Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm back! And look at all the stuff I've done!

Man, okay, it's 2015. Jeez, I missed this place. I've been struggling with a lot, in between jobs (I was a McDonalds manager for a year) and depression episodes, I haven't felt like blogging much, but I'm going to get back to it! I apologize for the really long post, but you'll like it.
Okay, I'm not going to do the normal thing for this one, I'm just going to post the nail art, do a little blurb about it, and move on to the next one.
Oh! And I made myself a little logo for my Nail Art. All of my future pictures will have it somewhere on it.
Okay, to the Nail Art!

Apparently I never added this one, which I did for Christmas of 2012! Wow, that was a while ago. It was when I got some loose glitter from Julep, whom I still love, and went a little crazy with it. Still love the blue color though.

Halloween 2014, quite the time jump, and I bought some Nail Art Pens called Hot Designs and tried them out. As you can see, the white had air issues, but otherwise it makes pretty nice lines. I swapped out the Frenches for the top photo nails pretty fast, for some reason, but I don't remember why.

Christmas 2014, getting more in step with hand painting my nails instead of using shaping tape. I really liked these, and the photo doesn't do the glitter effects justice, but it felt so festive on my nails.

Okay, out of the time line into just random pictures of my nails, in no particular order. Anyone who's stalked my reddit account, u/Karingan, will see that this was the first nail art I did, ever. Sorry for the crappy quality, it's what I had back then. I'm thinking I might do this again, but water marbling is still kinda messy, and not my favorite thing to do. 

Aw, man. I loved this one. I got a really nice Butter London Gold on Valentines Day 2013, and I still think it's my favorite Gold. I left nail tape on and put Regeneration from Lucky 13's Doctor Who line over my nail for a nice effect.

This one was another fun one to try out my new dotting tools. Doing an interlocking french was kind of a pain, but it looks so neat!

Oh, yes, stamping! I loved, loved, loved this design! I got a lot of nice comments about it, and I really liked the color choices.

Believe me when I say I'm not a huge fan of animal print. I just never got into it, but I did like the complexity of leopard fur. This was before the dotting tools, I'm pretty sure I used a toothpick for these.

Oh, this blue. I stared at it for days, I love this blue. I can't even remember what the heck it is, and with my new living situation, it may be a while before I locate all of my polishes again. :(

I freaking love this color combo, really. And the tape patterns! It took oh my gosh forever to space those and remove them but it was so worth it!

This one was interesting. I bought two random purples, grabbed a silver (which you might recognize as Juleps Rebel, because I love this color omg.), and just painted. No tools other than the brushes the polishes came with.

I did another Cloud manicure with three different types of polish; Silk by Sinful Colors, Texture by Sinful Colors, and a gel-like Blue. It was pretty interesting!

This one took incredibly long, and I wasn't too happy because I'm not a huge pink fan. Still, the baroque pattern looks nice.

These two were just drawing flowers with Holo polishes. Trying to capture the intense holographic effect was pretty difficult.

Another beautiful pairing of colors, and a neat secret. I'm a gamer, surprise! Actually, I've always been that girl who could beat you at most video games. This manicure is inspired by the Shurima Desert crest from League of Legends. I just really love Azir, guys.

Back to stamping! And Matte! And that's pretty much all I have to say about these. They felt nice and silky!

Lets try Gradients! It took looking around for a good way to do this, and I stuck with makeup wedges. They work surprisingly well!

Oh my freaking gosh, you guys. I did hand-placed glitter. So...much...glitter. Glitter was everywhere on my desk on on the floor and just, all over. Glitter is the herpes of the craft world. This took almost as much time removing as it did placing.

And yet, I came right back to it! I just couldn't stop thinking of neat designs I could do with glitter. To be fair, once I figured out a good stable way to place it, it actually wasn't that hard.

Matte and flakies, best friends in my book, and I was going on a black kick at the time, so I would put black on my nails and add stuff later, just for giggles, I guess.

And the last photo! Wow! What did I do here? Well, I went to my local Claires, and they were having a sale, as per usual, and I found a "Liquid Metal" nail polish in their brand. I scoffed. I still bought it to try it. It looked, by itself, like old, tarnished metal, but what surprised me the most was the speed it dried at. This stuff dried the second it was laid on the nail, I saw it, and it did not like to be painted over. Surgical precision needed. The patterns are from some temporary tattoos that they also had, and the best way I found to place them is as follows:

1. Cut out the pattern you want to transfer.
2. Remove the clear plastic front, just like you would if you place it on your skin.
3. Place FIRMLY over the nail, make sure it sticks a bit.
4. This is important, bend the design over the nail BEFORE you do the next step.
5. Damped the back of the tattoo, I did this with a makeup wedge, it worked the best for me.
6. DO NOT MOVE THE PATTERN, OH MY GLOB! And it will want to, because your nail is slippery, probably.
7, Carefully remove the backing and pat down any part of the pattern that sticks up.
8. Clean up, top coat, and viola!

I will totally be doing this again, there are so many beautiful tattoos that you can transfer. Even the silly 25-cent ones you can find at grocery stores next to the candy dispensers that made you beg and plead with your parents to let you have just one, ONE quarter!

I will be posting more often, but not on a schedule. Just, whenever I feel like it, considering the hectic work-therapy-gaming schedule I already have.

Random Dragon Fact #10 - In 5 years I have had 5 jobs, but my favorite was serving in the Army!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I quick farewell, for a while.

So, some recent news.
1. I have a terrible pain. Not like, "Ow, it hurts when I move or when I breathe" or anything like that, no. This pain, honestly, is hell-bent on ruining my whole day, everyday, and most nights.
So, I've had to go to the hospital and rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills for them to perform all the tests, and stand there like a confused toddler, I'm not even kidding. So now I have to do doctors visits.
Which brings me to 2. I got fired. Yup, I am now jobless because my company didn't like me missing days even though I had notes explaining them and that, under their policy, should have been fine. But then they changed the rules, and now I have no money. :(
And 3. I'm moving, asap. I have to leave my first home ever in two weeks because we cannot afford rent on Matt's salary. So I have been packing everything, including my nail polishes, which makes this my last post in a long while, for a long while.

Hope fully I will feel better and get back to this fine community. I really enjoy nail art, so today, I bring you my cut claws, ready for the night life on St. Patrick's Day!

So the hardest part was doing all the clovers, easily. It was a pain. But damn do I love green!

I went out past towards a salon today because I saw that they had the China Glaze Spring Advent Collection packs for $18.00! I was all happy thinking "Yes, a collection I can afford." Only to have the guy look at me weird, bring over the box, and rip the $18.00 price tag off, stating that it was 42 dollars. I left their claiming they were false advertising, putting that in their window display. Before I left, a nail tech came by, took my hand and asked where I had them done. Then she rudely commented that I couldn't have done them myself, like you must be a nail tech to do such clean lines and cute details. Ugh.

The striping was painful, and easily took me 30 mins to do each accent nail, most of which was laying the tape down!

So yeah, hopefully I will be getting another job soon and not be on the streets. I'm really sorry for the long time-no post deal, but I think the beginning explains all that.

Random Dragon Fact #9 - I honestly hated my old job, because every call was either "Meh" and "This idiot is a nightmare!"

Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome to Nail Art Station!

Today's one-photo post is brought to you by Matt, my boyfriend who has been watching movies with me all day, and helping me build my new nail polish rack.

I know it's not done, but I love it! I just can't believe I've filled it up so quickly!

So, yeah, I'm doing spring cleaning tomorrow, but I may also do some new nails because Wednesday is work, and I'm still wearing last post's nails. :)

This is my new station, actually, with all my swatches and nail wheels, dotting tools and paint brushes, there's a lamp to the left and in the boxes themselves, there's my nail polish remover, pure acetone, stamping plates, cotton swabs, make-up squares, tape, and extra swatch sticks on the top, and my tackle box of beading stuff, with my nail art tools like orange sticks and triangular sponges on top of that on the bottom. I really like how it looks now, but it will look better when I re-paint the boxes and actually paint the shelves.

Random Dragon Fact #8 - I really miss the sun, and hope that it comes and stays soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roses are Red, Violets are...

Well, violet, but blue was my theme today, and I decided to try something new. I see a lot of these, but I wanted to see if I could get a wrapping paper look with mine, and I think I did well.
Behold, my vintage rose claws!

I had a lot of fun designing these!

I also found out that my DnD dice make a great nail art prop!
I love table-top RPG's, I'm in two or three current running sessions!

The Colors:
Julep - Susie
Julep - Delaunay
Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar
Icing - Ivy
Julep - Daphne

Day's have been pretty slow. Mondays and Thursdays seem like better days for nail polishing.
Although, I have taken a look at the 31 day and 52 week challenges, and I may try the 31 day one on March 1st, so it's a March-a-thon of nails!

Random Dragon Fact #7 - I prefer games like Pokemon over games like Halo.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Back In Black

Well, I'm back, after dealing with some personal health issues, I've been to down to upload anything, and I really am sorry. I've been noticing that my blog hasn't gotten too much attention, and I get that, it's not a huge part of my life. I may be getting my salon license this year, just seems like a good idea.

I've decided to go back to my grudge years, nail-wise. In my teens, I had two polishes, black, and pink. I was never much for pink, but I love this black. Now that I'm older, I can add more to it, like here!

I love how CG Fairy Dust Shimmers!

Wet and Wild: Black Creme
China Glaze: Fairy Dust

I'm also working on a big project, I wonder what it could be?

Random Dragon Fact #6: I have Bipolar Disorder, but still manage to make everyone else happy, when I really want to be happy myself...